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Let us help you eliminate audit routing headaches!

AuditTrail is custom built to integrate with CSEC and provide automated routing and visibility for all your audits.

Instant Visibility

Stop dealing with lost audits.  Never again allow an audit to go missing and eliminate time wasted searching for their current location!

24 Months of Archives

24 Months of archives allows for historical trend analysis.  Answer common questions like “What did we get hit on last audit?” and “Are we improving?”

BI Analyitics

Business Intelligence Analytics provide instant overview by program area, workcenter, branch, division and much more.

Custom Routing Templates

Once built, reuse routing matrices to quickly route audits the same way every time.  Each program and CSEC area has it’s very own custom matrix.

Signature Verification

Verifying signatures against the currently logged in user (verifying against a CAAC card) prevents unauthorized signing of audits and records the exact user and timestamp of the signature.

Centralized Network Access

The main data store is located on the share drive allowing all necessary end users access to their inboxes and the archives.  No more duplicated data.

What Our Customers Are Saying About Us

  • I Never Felt Rushed And His Commitment To Fixing The Problem Never Slowed Down Until It Was Fixed.

    I emailed [them] with a description of the problem. Scott called back within 20 minutes, we discussed the issue. He took over the machine and fixed the problem. I never felt rushed and his commitment to fixing the problem never slowed down until it was fixed. Excellent service.

    Richard Morris Phoenix, AZ

Working on next version

All, Work has begun on the next version of AuditTrail.  Some of the features we hope to include: Import AMMT data Increase performance by caching data New reports Attachments (PDF/Word) And more. [...]

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