What is Courier?

Courier is the final word in portable, flexible, and Open Source document routing.
It’s goal is to completely eliminate lost routed packages.

Features include

  • No internet required

  • No backend database (SQL Server) required

  • Open source - open for anyone that want’s to contribute

  • Secure routing - control who can see what’s en route

  • Multiple data sources

    • CSEC Audits
    • Electronic documents
    • Any data source you have
  • Reusable routing matrices

  • Email notification

  • Know at a glance:

    • Where is my paperwork?
    • How long has it been sitting?
    • How long has it been en route?
  • Subscribe to routing events

  • Much, much more


Courier is currently in active development and is not ready for production use.
Eager to get your hands on it? Want to help build it? Head over to the Dev Center
and check out the source code.
At the moment, it’s still very early in development and requires a very specific
build process to get it running. Check out the project wiki for details.

How does this impact AuditTrail?

AuditTrail has been in active use since it’s earliest days in 2006. The only thing
it can route is CSEC audits. We’re taking the best ideas from AuditTrail - its
routing engine, attachment handling, archives, notifications, etc. and pulling them
into Courier - but rebuilding them to enhance reliablility and maintainability.

This means that Courier will outclass AuditTrail in every way. AuditTrail has been
the go-to solution for routing audits electronically - we’re just re-thinking it and
expanding it’s feature set to include ALL correspondence.

What will happen to AuditTrail support contracts?

Those support agreements will continue to provide support and bug-fixes for the life
of the agreement. As of today, new and existing support agreements will also cover Courier
for the same term.

Will AuditTrail cease to exist?

Short answer: no. Long answer: we are hoping that users will find Courier to be a
better alternative and want to switch over. At some point, AuditTrail will be retired
from active support and will become open-sourced and freely available.

Then if AuditTrail is going to become freely available, why would we switch to Courier?

When Courier comes out of its Beta development stage, it will have feature parity with
AuditTrail. That’s not the end of the story though. Since Courier is modular, users wanting
to be able to move to an all - electronic document management system will enjoy a fuller
feature set.

How much will Courier cost?

We haven’t landed on pricing as of yet but for version 1.0 that only includes support for CSEC audits,
we anticipate the same price point that AuditTrail currently goes for: $499 annually for a support agreement.
However, we are evolving our paid offerings so prices are subject to change.

How can I contribute?

Several ways:

  • We need testers. If you would like to volunteer to test development versions, we’ll reward
    your efforts with zero costs licensing for the duration of your participation
  • Documentation. Think you can write better than you can test? The documentation will be
    editable by everyone so head to the wiki (to be announced) and add to the collective. Fix errors,
    add tips, add new how-to articles - the choice is yours. Same licensing benefits apply to
  • Add to the Template Library. Courier will have electronic document templates but we can always
    use new ones and updated templates as well. The more templates we can add to the library,
    the more useful it will be to everyone.
  • Participate in the development. Are you a coder? Want to learn to code on a meaningful
    project? Want to submit bugs or provide project guidance? Want to participate in the
    Bug Bounty program? (Bug reporters and sqashers get discounted licensing) Head to the Dev Center
How can I stay informed of development progress?

Head over to the Dev Center and subscribe to project updates.